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A fanfiction!

(I apologize if any of you have seen this 39749238 times. XD)

Title: Echo
Rating: PG-13/T
Word Count: 3,533
Notes: NONE REALLY. Although I guess I could say that the numbers are the number of nights he has been staying with her (spread over the course of his downfall) and not totally random chapter numbers that make it look like I'm missing stuff in between. I mean, there obviously is stuff missing in between, but I promise I didn't write those and accidentally leave them out, haha~ XD

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Sorry about all the wangst. D:
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Random stuff!

I recently hammered out a random fanfiction about Tenel Ka and another member of the family (he has no name ;D) -- it's called Behind the Storm and it and all it's craziness can be found here.

Last weekend there was also some EU costumes at Balticon! We had an awesome Mando, a Jaina, a Jacen and I brought a couple Tenel Ka costumes. I put up a con report with some pictures over here! :D

Anyone been keeping up with the recent book releases?
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Fanmix/fanfiction type thing

All that chatter from the last post actually turned into more stories! I made a sort of J/TK fanmix with twelve short stories/snippets of them during the post-LotF era. Explanations and stories and songs and all that jazz can be found here. I hope you enjoy! :D
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Short fanfiction.

Yay for depressing post-LotF mush? I wrote a short little J/TK story and writing it made me want to get back into the J/TK-fanfic-swing of things (since there is no more of them canonwise, as far as we know :\). So hopefully there will be more fanfic soon!

Here is the one I mentioned: Stay
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Last night I posted a Legacy of the Force Jacen/Tenel Ka fanmix over here if anyone would like to partake in the crazy music and excerpts and junk. Hehe~
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Three J/TK short stories.

I've written these pretty much in a span of a couple weeks since LotF ended. I have been on a short-fic writing kick about these two because of the series. Which is pretty much why two of these are absolutely AU from LotF. Hehe.

Obviously, the two post-LotF ones are spoilerish, since they are completely AU and opposite of what happens in the series. ;D

This is the latest piece and actually takes place during Star by Star -- it's slightly AU and is a little random moment during the mission to Myrkr.

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The second is post-LotF and totally AU from how Invincible wrapped the series up.

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And this one is pretty much a complete AU from how LotF ended as well, but is much more mushy that the last. Hehe~

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Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari ● Elegance.

In which Jacen takes a break from being a Jedi to DJ.

I don't know how many of you know this, but apparently there is a DJ/musical artist out there by the name of Jacen Solo.

Yes. Jacen Solo. You read that right. XD

I've uploaded two of his songs here at my LJ.

Even if techno/electronic isn't your thing, it's Jacen music, and so you should download anyway~! And do please comment at my LJ if you download, because I'm curious as to what you all think. :D
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Jacen Solo

Fan fic?

Can anyone point me to any new J/TK fan fic?  I've read mostly everything that was written prior to LotF on various website, but it seems to me that the fan fic for this couple has just vanished.  There has to be some good angsty stuff out there, especially since we know their relationship continued for a while after Sacrifice.  Please?  Anyone? 

I'd wrote some myself but I don't have a good grasp on the technical side of things, nor am I certain I have all the facts down for these two.  Like, for example, do we know if they were each other's first lovers?  And if they weren't who was?  Please, I'd rather read from someone who knows more than I do than try to write it myself, but if push comes to shove then I'll give it a go.  These two, and this fandom, is in deperate need of some good fan fic!
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